Sometimes life isn’t pretty. It is ugly, mean, hard, and cruel. If you can make it through all that though, you can start to see the beauty in the little everyday things. Looking out the window at a beautiful sunrise, watching as the cows make their morning trek across the fields and spotting a new calf, his face stark white against the landscape, curiously taking it all in. The laugh of a child, unhindered by worry of what others will think.Knowing that someone in Wal-Mart stopped what they were doing to help the little old lady.

They don’t know she is there by herself because she outlived all her friends and family. They don’t know how quiet it gets, day after day, alone in her apartment. They don’t know that their simple act of kindness, lifted her spirits and brought a smile to her lips for weeks afterwards. Or that it meant so much to her, she told “the little neighbor girl” about it every chance she got for months on end, even though they were no longer neighbors, and seldom saw one another.

So here I will acknowledge the bad things in life. The things that try to make life seem bleak and unforgiving. Then we will look deeper. What flowers bloomed after the fire. What stars shone bright on the moonless night. What rainbows stretch across the sky when the storm blew out of sight. There, we will find beauty.